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Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2013

Individuals who are looking for the best Medicare Supplemental Plans in 2013 are in luck! Many different Medicare insurance companies are starting to have more competitive rates due to the increased competition in this senior market. Companies that previously offered retirement products are also starting to work in this niche market providing senior citizens with supplemental insurance to Medicare.

Currently, the three most popular policies sold and purchased on the market today are "Plan F", "Plan G", and "Plan N". These plans account for probably about 80% of all Medicare supplemental policies that are sold today. Medicare Plan F is the most comprehensive plan available, and Medicare Supplement Plan G comes in second place, being very close in benefits to the Plan F--although offered at a lower price. Medicare Plan N comes in third with a lower amount of coverage, although is offered at a significantly lower rate in most cases.

When deciding on the best Medicare supplemental plan in 2013, you should be concerned with the price--however don't make that your primary factor when comparing options. The coverage that you are getting for your money is extremely important. With all of the unexpected health occurrences in today's society, and the outrageous doctor's bills, you better be sure to have the proper insurance protection. In fact, about 50% of all bankruptcies today are due to an unplanned medical expense.

As an individual on Medicare, you are probably at the stage in your life where you are wanting to relax more. Not deal as much with all the high stresses of life. You owe it to yourself to have the convenience of the right Medicare Supplement Policy that will pay all of your claims the way you would expect them to. Plan F for example has no co-pays, no deductibles, and no out-of-expenses. you literally don't pay a dime other than your monthly premium. Now that's convenience!

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