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Mission Statement
Our mission is to put our clients needs above all else, dramatically ease the process of learning about Medicare, and make a profound positive impact on society.

Why We Are Different
We feel that we are vastly different than most insurance brokerages and try very hard to keep it that way. First of all, we are an "Independent Broker", not an "Agency". An Independent Broker works on the behalf of their clients, and generally represents multiple insurance companies. On the other hand, an Agency works on behalf of a single insurance company and is generally not allowed to sell insurance from any other company. Here at Medicare Supplement Solutions, we put your needs above all else and can help you shop for the best policy based off of your individual needs, your budget, and your preferences. You will have complete satisfaction knowing that we do what is in your best interest.

Where We Are Located
We are based out of Medina County, Ohio, although we are a nationally licensed insurance broker ready to serve you in any state you may reside in. Some people initially feel they would like to use a local agent, although with the tremendous amount of service we are able to provide as national broker, most realize the significant value of being our client - and we value that relationship very strongly as well! You will receive annual rate comparisons, and immediate customer support, regardless of where you are located.

Contacting Us
To contact us, please view our "contact" page.

Meet The Team
Craig Sturgill - President & CEO

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