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Craig Sturgill

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Age: 24
Hobbies: Insurance, Family, Cars, Bodybuilding, Learning
Favorite Car: Lotus Evora
Licensure: Life, Accident & Health
Bio: I consider myself to be a caring, dedicated, logical, and trustworthy person. I work very hard at what I do, and I also like to take time off to play hard and enjoy the fun things in life. I am married to an amazing woman and am so blessed to have her in my life!

Business Summary
Craig Sturgill is President and Owner of Medicare Supplement Solutions. Craig's experience in Medicare Supplement Insurance and his ability to problem-solve have enabled him to lead Medicare Supplement Solutions, and dramatically ease the burden that most senior citizens face when going on Medicare. His thoughts are different than most, in that he always places his customers first, no matter what. His in-depth knowledge about Medicare, Current Laws & Regulations, and Senior Citizen's Needs have allowed him to be different than his competition and excel at attracting new and satisfied clients.

Craig's entrepreneurial spirit has enabled him to create several successful businesses prior to Medicare Supplement Solutions, the first one being as early as high school. He has earned his Associate's Degree in Business Administration from Lorain County Community College. Craig has a different outlook on education than most, he quotes: "True intelligence is shown outside the classroom. Determination, motivation, and the drive to succeed cannot be taught." Craig is very passionate about doing what is right and helping senior citizens, he also quotes: "I believe there is a tremendous amount of information about Medicare that senior citizens are "supposed" to learn, yet there is no efficient method for them to do this and continually stay informed, year after year. We are that resource!"

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