Medicare Plans For Employers, Businesses & Corporations

With our retiree program, businesses, unions, and corporations can benefit from a significant cost savings by utilizing our services to facilitate and manage retiree health plans and Medicare Supplemental Insurance. When your employee(s) reach retirement age (at least age 65), we take over the health plan administration and enrollment. This significantly reduces the cost of managing retiree health plans and ensures you have experts working to manage the retirees insurance.

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What Does Your Program Include?

Education & Communication
We provide through education to employers and retirees about their Medicare health plan options. We also provide communication to retirees, keeping them informed on the current state of the programs offered and how their coverage works. Education can be provided on an individual basis, through webinars, or through seminars held at the business location.

Licensed Benefit Advisors
All of our benefit advisors are licensed and very knowledgeable regarding Medicare plans and guidelines. Retirees have unlimited access to a licensed benefit advisor at all times should the employee have questions about their health plan coverage.

Opportunity Analysis
Prior to the transition, we will conduct a through analysis of all the plan offerings in your location. This will help match retirees with a mixture of the highest health plan coverage at the most reasonable prices, parallelled with a highly rated insurance carrier to ensure future stability and security.

Multi-Company Insurance Exchange
We have established relationships with over 15 different different Medicare health plan carriers which allows us to shop around for your retirees, matching them with the best health plan to fit their needs.

Please contact us today to learn how your business can benefit from our retiree health plan management, (855) 419-3826.