Step #3 - Compare Medicare Supplement Plans

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Although there are a total of ten Medicare Supplement Plans to choose from, the most popular plans are by far Plan F (46% of total enrollment), Plan G, and Plan N. Reason being, Plan F is the most comprehensive, so it covers the most benefits. Plan G has very similar benefits to the Plan F, although with the Plan G, you have to pay the annual Medicare Part B Deductible out-of-pocket ($162 in 2011). Plan G is sort of a "middle" option. Lastly, Plan N is generally the lowest cost plan, and some people are simply looking for a cheap plan - in which Plan N would suit you well. Plan N requires you to pay the annual Medicare Part B deductible like Plan G, and Plan N also requires a $20 office visit co-pay, and a $50 ER co-pay if you are not admitted to the hospital.

Comparison chart of all 10 plans side-by-side:
Comparison of Medicare Supplements

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For a more detailed outline of benefits, please select a plan letter above, or call us toll-free at (855) 419-3826. We will be happy to assist you in explaining how the different plans function, and which one may be appropriate for you.

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