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Medicare Supplement Age Requirements - Ages for Medigap Insurance

The Medicare supplement insurance age requirement is not necessarily at a certain point, rather simply, as long as you are on Medicare, you will likely be eligible for a Medicare supplement, although if you are under age 65 on Medicare disability, the Medigap age requirements may be different. The typical Medicare supplemental insurance age that many will think of is at age 65 when most people are eligible for Medicare. This is perhaps the best time to apply for Medicare supplement insurance as well, because if you are at least age 65, and apply for Medicare supplement plans within 6 months of first getting Medicare Part B, you will be guaranteed coverage.

If you are under age 65, then the Medigap insurance age can, and most likely will be different. In some states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Oregon (among others), all Medicare supplement plans are available to individuals under age 65 due to disability. However in states like Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana (among others), Medicare supplement plans are generally not available to people under age 65. Places like California, Florida, and Texas do offer plans to disabled individuals under age 65, although their options are limited.

Many people wonder: What age do you have to be to get Medicare supplement insurance? ...and as you can tell, the answer is not so simple. The age requirements for Medicare supplement insurance will vary for many factors, including but not limited to, location, health status, gender, tobacco usage, disability status, and of course age.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at Medicare supplement plans, is that all the various plans are designed by Medicare. This means that the different insurance companies that offer Medigap plans are required by law to offer the same exact coverage. The only difference in price between plans offered by different Medigap insurance companies is the price they charge. For example, if you compare Medicare Supplement Plan G with one company, with the same Plan G by another company, the benefits would be identical, although prices can vary significantly, and by as much as $100 in some extreme cases. It will definitely benefit you in the long run to talk to an independent insurance broker (like us) who will shop around all the different insurance companies in your area to help you find the best price and coverage -- the best thing is that there are no charges to use a broker! Call us today for assistance and advice on all aspects of Medicare.

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