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Medicare Supplemental coverage is a type if insurance policy that is designed to fill in the "gaps" in coverage that is left by traditional Medicare. Medicare Supplemental Insurance Coverage is designed by Medicare, and there are currently ten policies available. These ten Medicare Supplement Plans are designed in a letter system, ranging from Plan A to Plan N. Plan F & Plan G are two of the most popular options.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Coverage will differ depending on which plan that you purchase, although the structure of all plans is very similar. Medicare only pays a portion of healthcare expenses. For example, Medicare requires beneficiaries to pay a $1,132 deductible for an initial hospitalization (in 2011), and that deductible is increasing every year. Medicare also typically only pays 80% for most Medicare Part B (medical) expenses. These types of expenses can include doctor visits, durable medical equipment, etc.

Medicare Supplement coverage is also called Medigap Coverage or Medigap Insurance Coverage. People looking to compare the benefits on Medicare Supplement Plans should understand that coverage and benefits are designed by Medicare, so there is no difference in plans between different insurance companies. That makes it extremely to have the lowest price. You will not get better coverage by paying more for one company as opposed to another. You can view view the benefits on our Medicare Supplement Comparison page, or get quotes directly online.

There can be substantial differences in prices between companies, so do not let one company fool you by saying they offer certain benefits that the other companies don't. That is simply not true. If you would like to learn more, or talk to one of our non-biased Medicare Advisors, please feel free to give us a call at (855) 419-3826, and we will help walk you through all types of Medicare Supplement Coverage options to determine what policy would be best for you!

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