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Guaranteed Issue Medicare Supplement & Medigap Insurance Plans

What is "Guaranteed Issue" Medicare Supplement?
Having a Guaranteed Issue Medicare Supplement (Medigap) basically means that you will be able to purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan without answering any health questions, or being declined for coverage. There are many reasons that you could qualify for a Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue, but the most popular circumstance is when an individual is losing group health insurance coverage, or losing an employer sponsored retirement health insurance policy.

Depending on your particular state, the plans and options that are available to you in a guarantee issue situation may differ. Generally in most states, Medicare Supplement Plan F, Plan C, and Plan A are the three plans that insurance companies are required to offer in a "guarantee issue" scenario.

Most insurance companies will offer Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) on a guaranteed issue basis for people who are losing coverage involuntarily, however there are only a limited set of companies who offer Medigap guaranteed issue to people who decide to terminate previous coverage on their own (voluntarily). Furthermore, some states have special requirements to offer certain plans guaranteed issue at all times. New York for example allows people on Medicare to purchase a Medicare Supplemental Insurance at anytime of the year without going through underwriting.

Some additional reasons why you might also qualify for Guaranteed Issue:

  • You were in an original Medicare Plan, and had an employer group health plan (including COBRA) that pays after Medicare, and the coverage is ending.
  • You leave a Medicare Supplement Plan because the company has not followed the rules, or has misled you.
  • You lose coverage because your current Medicare Supplement company goes bankrupt.
  • You were in an original Medicare Plan, and had a Medicare Select policy, and you move out of the service area.
  • You were in a Medicare advantage plan that stopped offering service in your area, or you moved out of the service area.
  • You leave a Medicare Advantage plan because the company has not followed the rules or has misled you.
  • If you enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time, and within the first year, you decided you would would like to go back to original Medicare with the option of purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Medicare Supplement Guarantee Issue is a very nice concept for people who are losing health insurance coverage, because it will allow you to purchase a Medigap plan without being declined for pre-existing conditions or waiting for coverage to start. People looking to determine if they might qualify for a guarantee issue Medicare supplement policy should call us at (855) 419-3826, or fill out our contact form to have one of our Medicare Specialists' get back to you.

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