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Medicare Supplement Plan A | Medigap Plan A | Coverage & Details

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Medicare Supplement Plan A
Medicare Supplement Plan A is the most basic Medicare Supplement Policy, and covers the absolute minimum gaps left by standard Medicare coverage. All insurance companies that offer Medicare Supplemental Insurance must offer at least the Medigap Plan A.

Depending on your specific situation, Supplement Plan A may or may not be a good choice. With the reduced coverage on Medicare Supplement Plan A, it is generally not recommended to people who need to use medical services very frequently. However on the other hand, Medigap Plan A works very well for people who rarely use medical services, doctor's, etc. Additionally, some people purchase Plan A Medicare Supplement who have VA (Veterans Admission) coverage or who simply want the most basic plan.

In many guaranteed issue situations, Plan A Medigap is one of the very few plans that are required by law to be offered to everyone. It is important to check into the costs of the various Medicare Supplement Plans however, because sometimes there can be very little cost between the basic Plan A and a more comprehensive plan like Medigap Plan G or Plan N.

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