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Medicare Supplement Plan B | Medigap Plan B | Coverage & Details

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Medicare Supplement Plan B
Medicare Supplement Plan B is the second most basic Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan, and covers only few benefits as compared with other Medicare supplement policies. Medicare Supplement Plan B is not a very popular Medigap Plan due to the close similarity between some of the other Medicare Supplements. By the time you compare monthly premium costs on Medicare Supplement Plan B with similar plans, like Plan N or Medigap Plan D, you will find that the cost is not much different, although you can add a few extra well-worth-it benefits for your money.

Today, there are not too many companies that offer the Medicare Plan B due to this reason, although if you have done your research and feel the Plan B is suitable for your needs--by all means go for it. Due to the fact that all Medicare Supplement Policies are standardized (have the same coverage), it is important that you shop around the various insurance companies to ensure you have the lowest cost Medigap Plan B that is available on the market. If you pay even $20 more per month with one company as opposed to another, you are simply paying more--there are no greater benefits or coverage.

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