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Medicare Supplement Plan C | Medigap Plan C | Coverage & Details

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Medicare Supplement Plan C
Medicare Supplement Plan C is almost identical to the most comprehensive and popular Medicare Supplement Plan F. The only difference in coverage between the Supplement Plan F and Plan C is that Medicare Plan C does not include Medicare excess charge coverage.

Some insurance companies decide to promote Supplement Plan C and others decide to promote Plan F--they are so similar, they are basically interchangeable. Excess charge coverage is not a significant benefit, and you can read about what is Medicare excess charge on the page by clicking the link.

When you purchase Medicare Supplement Plan C, you are purchasing a very comprehensive Medigap Plan. Plan C covers all the major gaps left by Medicare, meaning that you will not have any co-pays, deductibles, or network of doctors to follow. The only thing Medicare Supplemental Plan C does not cover (neither does any Medicare Supplement Plan) is Dental, Prescription Drugs, and Vision/Hearing. Besides that, you should have most or all of your health insurance needs met, having peace-of-mind that you will not have large out-of-pocket expenses should you need medical services.

As with all Medigap plans, it is of utmost importance that you shop around for price quotes to make sure you have the lowest cost Plan C available. You can contact a broker (like us), and we will relieve that burden for you by shopping the rates of ALL companies and helping you enroll in the plan that you choose.

Also, keep in mind, purchasing a toy with all the "bells and whistles" is not necessarily the cheapest plan, so if you are watching your budget more closely, you may also want to keep in mind Medicare Supplement Plan G or Plan N.

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