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Medicare Supplement Plan F | Medigap Plan F | Coverage & Details

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Medicare Supplement Plan F
Medicare Supplement Plan F is by far the most popular Medicare Supplement Plan chosen by senior citizens enrolled into Medicare. In fact, roughly 46% of people who purchase a Medicare Supplement (also known as Medigap), purchase the Plan F.

Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive supplemental insurance policy, and covers 100% of the major gaps left by Medicare. The reason why many people like the Medicare Supplement Plan F is due to the fact that it is hassle free. There are no claims paperwork to file, and the policy virtually pays everything.

Another nice feature about Medigap Plan F is that, like most other Medicare supplement plans, the Plan F will allow you to choose any doctor or hospital within the United States that accepts Medicare. This is a significant advantage over other types of "secondary" insurance to Medicare.

Below is a chart that shows the extensive coverage chart that Supplement Plan F provides. One thing you must know however, although Medicare Plan F is the most comprehensive policy, that means it is also the most expensive as compared with the other options. If you are the type of person who doesn't't mind paying more for the "best" coverage, Plan F will work great for you. If you are more cost conscious and like to try to find the "best deal", you may consider looking into Medicare Supplement Plan G which is very comparable to the "F" Plan, although offered at a lower price. Review the Medicare Supplement Plan F Benefits & Coverage Chart below to see what "gaps" this policy covers.

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