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Medicare Supplement Plan L | Medigap Plan L | Coverage & Details

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Medicare Supplement Plan L
Medigap Plan L is a less popular Medicare Supplement Plan due to the reduced coverage and minimal cost savings as compared with many other Medicare Supplement Plans. Medicare Supplemental Plan L has a cost-sharing component that makes it initially attractive to some folks, however by the time the cost/benefit ratio is factored in, the Plan L becomes less favorable.

Due to the fact that Medicare Supplement Prices are based on geographic location, it is possible the Medicare Plan L may be favorable in your area (concerning price), however it is important that you check the rates of multiple companies and compare the Plan L with other popular plans, like Medicare Supplement Plan F, or Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Many people forget that Medigap Plans are completely regulated by Medicare to include the same coverage and benefits--there is no difference between companies other than price. You should speak with an independent insurance broker who will be able to help you compare different companies unbiased and also help you with the enrollment process.

Below is a coverage chart for Medicare Medigap Plan L benefits. It will help you understand the coverage and cost-sharing functions of the Plan L.

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