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Medicare Supplement Plan N | Medigap Plan N | Coverage & Details

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Medicare Supplement Plan N
Medicare Supplement Plan N is currently one of the most affordable Medicare supplement plans. Now keep in mind, being "affordable" is completely based off of your individual needs and health status. Plan N does cost less than many other plans, although has some co-pays and small deductibles that other plans don't have. If you are in good health Supplement Plan N might be a good fit for you, however if you are more on the unhealthy side, you will likely be better off spending a little more and going with a more comprehensive policy that has little or no co-pays and deductibles like Medicare Supplement Plan F.

Obviously, one of the main benefits for choosing Medicare Supplement Plan N (Medigap Plan N) over some of the alternative options is due to the lower monthly cost. Medicare Plan N costs approximately 25% less then the "Cadillac" Plan F, as most people are familiar with. For someone who is relatively healthy and does not use healthcare/doctor services more than 5 or so times per year, Plan N can save you a great deal of money every year.

Below is a list of the coverage and benefits for Medicare Supplemental Plan N. The chart will show both what is and is not covered by this Plan N Policy. The co-pay basically consists of up to a $20 office visit charge and up to a $50 emergency room charge. The only deductible you are required to pay with Medicare Plan N is the annual Medicare Part B deductible. The annual Part B deductible is relatively low ($147 in 2013).

As with all Medicare Supplemental Plans, you should be comparing multiple companies for the lowest price, because Medicare Supplemental Providers are required by law to cover the same benefits. The only difference between different providers/companies is the price they charge. Medicare Plan N costs may vary dramatically between one cpmpany and another, but coverage always remains the same.

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