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A Medicare Supplement Plan is an insurance policy designed by Medicare that will cover the expenses that Medicare will not fully cover. Although thest policies are designed by Medicare, they are sold by private insurance companies, at each of their set prices. It is important to understand that the benefits will remain the exact same from company to company. The ONLY difference is the price each company charges.

Medicare Supplemental Plans are designed in a letter system, ranging from Plan A to Plan N. Currently the most popular option is Medicare Supplement Plan F. As with all Medigap Plans, the most important considerations of yours should be cost and coverage. If you are new to Medicare, you will greatly benefit from comparing plans and getting rate quotes from multiple companies to determine the best value for yourself.

To give you a brief concept of how a Medicare Supplement Plan works, here are a few tips... For comparison purposes, we will first start off by briefly explaining how the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement Plan F works, then each of the other 9 plans will have less benefits (all of which you can view on our "compare plans" page).

The Medicare Supplement Plan F provides coverage for virtually 100% of the gaps left by Medicare. This includes 100% coverage for both the Medicare Part A & B deductibles, as well as coverage for skilled nursing facility, and blood services. Medicare Part A is hospitalization coverage, and Medicare Part B is medical coverage for doctors offices, etc. The only major things that a Medicare Supplement Plan F will not cover is neither prescription medications, or vision/dental care. This coverage can be obtained for a relatively small cost as a separate policy. You can call, 1-800-MEDICARE to learn more about Medicare Part D drug plans.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans are also probably the most secure way to cover your expenses left by Medicare. With the Medicare advantage system receiving massive cuts by Medicare, there is not may options to cover the gaps. Currently, about 10-15 million senior citizens are covered by a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan. To avoid confusion when hearing different names, Medicare Supplement Plans are also referred to as Medigap Insurance Plans.

You can learn everything you will need to know about Medicare and Supplement Plans directly on our website, or you can give us a call and get a free Medicare review from one of our specialist's who will educate you on your options, and can even help you apply for the best policy for free. Our toll-free phone number is (855) 419-3826.

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