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Medicare Supplement Prices
Comparing Medicare Supplemental Prices is a smart way to ensure you save the most money possible when shopping around for Medicare Supplemental Insurance. There can be a substantial difference in prices between companies for the exact same policy. As you probably already know, Medicare Supplement Plans are also called Medigap Plans. These types of insurance policies pay the gap in coverage from what Medicare does not fully cover.

Medigap prices vary from company to company, and there are different methods each company uses to determine the exact price to charge to someone. The ways Medicare Supplement Insurance Prices are calculated are either:

  1. Community Rated
  2. Attained Age Rated
  3. Issue Age Rated

If a company uses the community rated method, then the same price will apply to everyone in that specific community (group of zip codes). If the Medigap insurance company prices their policy using the attained age method, then the price is bases off of your current age each year - meaning your rate will increase every year due to age. Lastly, if a Medicare Supplement Company uses the issue age method, the company will change you a price based off of the age you were when you originally purchased the policy. This will likely mean that you will pay a higher price for Medicare Supplement coverage in the early years, but may pay a lower price in the later years. In any method, all companies can increase prices based off of inflation, and the cost of healthcare.

Comparing Medicare Supplement Insurance Prices will help ensure that you are not paying more for coverage than you need to. You can compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance Prices directly on our website by using our get quotes form, or you can call one of our Medicare Supplement Specialists who will compare Medigap Insurance Prices from every insurance company for you to ensure you find the plan with the lowest cost. We can even assist you with applying for the policy you choose for free.

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