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In order to find the best Medicare Supplement Rates online, you must shop multiple companies. Since all Medicare Supplement Plans (also called Medigap Plans) have the same benefits, finding the lowest rate will help ensure you are in the best financial position possible - not spending more money than you need to. Medicare Supplement plans are designed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and, the plans are lettered from Plan A to Plan N. If for example, you were to compare a Medicare Supplement Plan G with one company versus the same Plan G with another company, the benefits are identical.

Medicare Supplemental Rates vary dramatically from one company to another, but it is important to remember that you will never get a better plan just by paying more (assuming you are comparing the same plan between companies). With most types of insurance, it would be very important to work with a well-known company, someone you have heard about before. However, with Medicare Supplement Insurance, this is actually almost the opposite.

Due to the fact that all Medicare Supplement Companies have to follow a very strict set of laws and regulations, there is very, very little difference between companies. They all pay claims the same way, have the same plans, have the same benefits, etc. Literally the ONLY difference is the price you pay and the customer service you will receive. Furthermore, there are protections in place so in the worst case, if an insurance company goes bankrupt, you will have the right to purchase a new Medicare Supplement lan through a new company without answering health questions or being declined for coverage. This makes shopping around for multiple Medicare Supplement Insurance rates even more important.

Some of the other things you will want to look out for when comparing Medigap insurance rates, is who you will decide to purchase the plan through. You can purchase from a local agent, directly through the company, or from a brokerage who specializes in Medicare Supplement Plans - like us! Regardless of where you purchase the policy, you will pay the exact same price. But, if you purchase the policy through someone like us who specializes strictly in Medicare Supplement Insurance, you will have many additional benefits that the company and a local agent will not likely provide for you.

First of all, there is no charge to use our service. We get paid a fee directly from the company after you purchase a new plan. However, by working through us, we will provide you with the following that you likely won't find anywhere else (even though some claim to):

  • Thorough education on Medicare and available plans
  • Comparison Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates from top companies
  • Automatic annual rate comparisons
  • Assistance with problems & claims (although claims are auto-filed)
  • A personal Medicare Specialist who will get to know you - not a call center with hundreds of agents
  • Honesty, integrity, and complete customer satisfaction

If you are shopping around for Medigap rates and Medicare Supplement Rates, we strongly recommend you to utilize our free service and talk to one of our Medicare specialist's at: (855) 419-3826. If you would rather search rates directly online for now, you can view instant plans & Medigap insurance rates directly on our website by filling out out instant quote form.

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