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Medigap Policies
A Medigap Policy is an insurance policy that is designed to fill in the "gaps" left by Medicare. Medigap Policies are also called Medicare Supplement Policies. Medicare Supplement Policies (Medigap) are designed by Medicare and are lettered from Plans A to Plan N, with Medicare Supplement Policy G perhaps being one of the best value plans in our opinion.

Medicare Supplemental Policies have the exact same benefits, regardless of which insurance company it is offered by, the only difference is price. When shopping around for a Medicare Supplement Policy, it is a smart idea to get at least three competitive quotes to determine the best value (ultimately lowest price). The best Medicare Supplemental Policy is not necessarily one that is the most expensive, yet one that covers you for the benefits that you need and will utilize. There is no reason to pay for benefits that you will never use.

Probably the most important things to consider when looking for Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies are:

  • Cost
  • Coverage
  • Deductibles
  • Co-pays
  • Company stability

If you review these features thoroughly before you purchase a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policy, you will be assured you know what you are getting into, and will greatly benefit from your research - all of which you can do right here on our website. Most people looking to learn more about a Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy are usually either new to Medicare, or have realized that they might be paying too much for their current coverage.

Many times when you are trying to search around for the cheapest, and best Medigap Insurance Policy, you will encounter many websites that are "lead generation companies". What this means is that when you enter your personal information into their form, they will sell that information to several (maybe 5+) insurance agents who will call you day and night to try to sell you insurance. When you request Medicare Supplement Quotes from us, we will never rent or sell your information to anyone outside our company, so you can be assured that we will be the only ones getting in touch with you to discuss plans. Our Medicare Specialists are trained to recommend policies only on the basis of what is best for you - not the amount of commission that will be generated.

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