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2015 Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans in 2015 are available to purchase during the Annual Election Period starting October 15th, 2014. Many different plan types will be available, both for cost, and also zero premium plans. Consumers interested in shopping around can fill out the free quote comparison tool on our website to see the different plans and options available to them.

Some of the most polular plans are the zero premium HMO policies that offer an "all-in-one" program. These 2015 Medicare Advantage Insurance plans will geberally require a network of doctors to follow, as well as small deductibles and co-pays in most cases. Medicare advantage plans for 2015 can combine the benefits of basic hospital and medical care, prescription drug insurance, as well as vision and dental care. For seniors who want a simple policy that can cover most common items, a Medicare Advanage policy can be the way to go.

There has been some recent speculations that the Affordable Care Act will be cutting funding for Medicare Advantage plans. However, at this time that is all simply a speculation. Medicare Advantage plans have traditionally always remained strong and a viable option for many seniors, especially those who are living in or near cities or urban areas.

Due to the access to networks of doctors, most Mediacare Advantage plans require you to live within a certain mileage radius of the plans network. If you happen to live in more rural areas, then you might be better suited to purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan 2015. Medicare Supplements (aka Medigap) are private health insurance options that are designed and regulated by the federal government to provide "supplemental" coverage to fill in the gaps left by traditional Medicare Parts A & B.

We highly recommend that you understand what options are available to you for the 2015 Medicare Open Enrollment Period. The best way to compare options is to use our insurance comparison tool on our site and review plans and prices for the upcoming 2015 AEP season.

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