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Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2014

People searching for the best Medicare Supplement Plans in 2014 have came to the right place! Medigap insurance plans are changing every year, so it is important to stay up-to-date on what plans provide the highest level of coverage in the current market. With all of the changes in both the healthcare reform (Affordable Care Act) and budgets being cut, it is critical that you understand what risks you are exposed to and how to cover those risks.

Traditional Medicare Parts A & B provide basic coverage to individuals on Medicare, however Medicare alone only pays a portion of the overall costs. For example, Medicare Part A has an initial hospital deductible of over $1,000, whereas Medicare Part B only covers 80% of most medical costs--leaving you with the burden of picking up the left-over 20%.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance 2014 provides great protections to senior citizens (or those on Medicare disability) by covering some or all of the "gaps" in basic Medicare benefits. The most popular Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in 2014 are the Plan F, Medigap Plan G, and Plan N. These three plans typically cover the most benefits for the price they are offered at. Medicare Supplement Plan F for example covers literally 100% of the gaps left by Medicare. There are zero co-pays, no deductibles, and otherwise no out-of-pocket costs. You get 100% coverage and can choose all your own doctors as long as they accept Medicare patients.

When looking to find what is the best Medicare Supplement Plan for 2014, you will benefit from talking to an experienced and independent insurance agent who can answer all your questions and educate you on what options are available. Independent agents do not sell for only one company, they can sell for many companies to ultimately give you the best service and lowest prices on Medicare plans offered in your area.

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