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Senior citizens on Medicare are often spending a great deal of money every year on their Medicare Supplement Plans. Medicare Supplemental Insurance is designed to cover the “gaps” in coverage left by Medicare. Medicare only pays a portion of your healthcare expenses, so it is extremely important for people on Medicare to have some type of supplemental insurance program. Medicare Supplement Plans are also called Medigap Insurance for those who are not aware.

One of the main things that senior citizens on Medicare do not fully understand is that Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) are designed directly by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Currently there are a total of ten plans that are available on the market. Plans are lettered Plan A – Plan N, with the most popular plans being Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Due to the fact the Centers for Medicare designs these 10 plans, that means the benefits on these policies are EXACTLY the same from company to company – the ONLY difference is the price each company charges.

It is very important for people either going on Medicare, or maybe already have a Medicare Supplement Plan to compare Medicare Supplement Quotes to see if they can save any money. Prices on these policies vary dramatically from company to company, so it is important to view rates from multiple companies. Many times if you shop around good enough, you will be able to save anywhere from $300 - $800 per year on your exact same policy by switching to a new insurance company. is a web-based resource for senior citizens to compare Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and rates from multiple companies directly online. The Medicare Specialists at Medicare Supplement Solutions will also be able to assist you with advice, questions, and enrollment if you desire. Their service is completely free and at no cost to you.

President of, Craig Sturgill, says: “We launched our website a few months ago to serve the needs of the quickly growing senior citizen population. We feel that the majority of senior citizens are extremely confused when it comes to knowing and understanding their supplemental insurance options. We have tried our best to design an easy-to-use website to address this very concern, and make navigating through the Medicare maze as easy and painless as possible. Our Medicare Specialists’ are also ready to answer any questions that are thrown at them.”

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