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Medicare Supplement Solutions Efforts to Keep Medicare Supplement Insurance Safe!

With all of the healthcare reform legislation, more specifically the budget deficit cuts, congressional leaders are trying to find new ways to save money by looking at the Medicare system, and how it may be "overspending". One extremely important factor for senior citizens on Medicare is Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap).

Congressional leaders feel that Medicare is being "over-utilized" by the recipients, and wasteful spending is occurring. One of the current talks is that certain Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans (like Plan F), covers "too much" of medical costs, and gives senior citizens "first dollar coverage". This essentially means that senior citizens can go to the hospital or doctor's office and receive 100% coverage without any out of pocket expenses.

The hesitation that congressional leaders have is that senior citizens may be using the doctors (costing Medicare money) without even thinking twice, because they have 100% coverage and do not share any of the cost. Leaders feel that if senior citizens had even a small amount of financial responsibility, that they would only use toe doctor's when truly necessary.

Here at Medicare Supplement Solutions, we strongly back up our senior citizen clients and make sure we always do what we feel is right. We feel that placing a large financial burden on senior citizens is both unreasonable, and unnecessary. Although we do feel that possibly imposing a small so-pay ($10 per doctor visit or something of the like) may be a good way to reduce un-necessary spending, we do not feel that it would be fair to force senior citizens to meet large deductibles before any type of coverage could begin.

The proposed idea in congress is to make more plans similar to the current Medicare Supplement Plan N, which requires you to pay the annual Medicare Part B Deductible ($162 in 2011), and also requires you to pay a $20 co-pay for doctors visits, and a $50 co-pay for emergency room visits if you are not admitted to the hospital. This plan still gives members the ability to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare within the United States.

We have a large amount of clients on the Plan F, and constantly make sure that we advise our clients wisely. If you are new to Medicare, or even have a Plan F, do NOT be alarmed. We feel that any [proposed] changes would take years to implement. With almost 5 million people nationwide on the Plan F, congress would have to really be careful of what they are doing before they make any kind of significant changes. Remember, these changes are only "proposed" so nothing has been approved. Throughout Medicare's history there have been hundreds of "proposed" changes, yet only few of them go through, and if they do go through, none of them have significantly reduced the healthcare benefits that senior citizens receive.

We have felt so strongly about protecting our clients and senior citizens as a whole that we have taken the effort to contact the congressman of our district. You can view the reply he sent us here, which is assuring that efforts are being taken to keep senior citizens and Medicare Supplement Coverage safe.

Our suggestion is not to change what you are doing, and if you have any questions you can call us at (855) 419-3826 for up-to-date advice and recommendations. You can also follow our news blog for recent updates and changes that you should be aware of!

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