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Medicare Supplemental Insurance - How To Shop For The Best Policy

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans are a great way for senior citizens to shield against the high out-of-pocket expenses left by Medicare. As most know, Medicare only covers a portion of healthcare expenses. For most services, Medicare only pays 80%. On top of this, many senior citizens are also required to pay annual deductibles, and per-day hospital and skilled nursing facility charges.

The best way for seniors to have the proper protection against these costs is by purchasing Medicare Supplemental Insurance, also known as Medigap Coverage. This type of coverage is "standardized", meaning that the insurance policies are designed by Medicare, and the benefits on these policies are the exact same between companies, the only difference is price.

There are currently a total of ten Medicare Supplement Plans available for sale, and they range from "Plan A" to "Plan N", with "Plan F" and "Plan G" being the two most popular options. It is extremely important for senior citizens to consult with a knowledgeable Medicare expert who can listen to your needs, and recommend a policy that is best for you. It's also important that you work with an "independent broker" who can compare the rates of multiple insurance companies for you.

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