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Medicare Wellness Visit & Welcome To Medicare - What You Might Not Know

Many senior citizens that are on Medicare are entitled to a "Welcome To Medicare Check-Up" when they are just going on Medicare for the first time. Seniors are also eligible for a "Medicare Annual Wellness Visit" once-per-year to keep up on health issues--this acts as a "preventive" service. There is much confusion in what a "Wellness Visit" actually consists of, and what all is included. Here, we will talk more about what you might get in your wellness visit, and also what to watch out for. There are some things about this wellness visit that might surprise you.

First off, let's talk about the "Welcome To Medicare" visit. This is sort of a time for you to visit the doctor and get a check up to ensure that you don't have any major health problems. The exact care performed depends on the doctor that you visit, although many will preform similar checks for you. They will check things like your blood pressure, cholesterol, height/weight, body mass, etc. Most of the checks that they do for you are relatively basic and nothing too special, although at least this is being offered at some level.

Some senior citizens will go to the doctor expecting a full blown physical, and this is simply not true. There is a clear difference between a "Welcome To Medicare" visit, and a "Physical" and it is important to understand what's left out if you only get the Welcome To Medicare check-up. A Physical is much more involved, and will also require you to do more in depth testing. A physical is a more invasive check-up that is recommended over the standard "Welcome To Medicare" visit due to the additional testing performed. However, Medicare does not pay 100% of the physical, and this is where the shortfall is. Medicare has confused senior citizens, and many people think that they can get a "free physical" which is not true.

The second thing that Medicare offers is the "Annual Wellness Visit". This will essentially work similar to the "Welcome To Medicare" visit, although is even less involved and more basic. At an Annual Wellness Visit, the doctor will basically just ask you questions and possibly listen to your heartbeat at most. The doctors get reimbursed less for an Annual Wellness Visit than they would for a physical or even the Welcome To Medicare check-up.

Due to these shortfalls, it is often recommended for senior citizens to just get a full physical. Not only will you get a more thorough check-up, but you will feel more confident that you health needs are being accessed properly and that you are keeping clear of any future problems. It is much better to catch problems before they arise and to treat them then, than to wait until the problem has got very severe.

The only problem with this is that physicals cost more money, which is sometimes difficult for senior citizens to pay that are on a fixed income. People with Medicare supplemental insurance can have the peace of mind that most or all of their expenses will be covered, so this will not cost anything additional for a Physical as opposed to the "Wellness Visit".

If you purchase the most popular Medicare supplement plan f, you will have absolutely no out of pocket expenses after Medicare pays their portion. No co-pays, no deductibles, and you are free to choose your own doctor--as long as they accept Medicare of course.

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