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Proposals for Medicare Supplement - Medigap Reduction in Benefits

With the debt debate still continuing, congressional leaders are still trying to find new ways to reduce costs, and save Medicare money (to reduce the federal deficit). The Partnership to Protect Medigap is an organization that stays up to date on recent legislation, and proposals to change Medigap insurance. Any proposed changes are merely that - proposed changes. If any "proposals" were to be approved, they would take time to implement and phase in.

Below is a link to a PDF "cheat sheet" that shows the current proposed changes for Medigap insurance. President Obama has made some proposed changes to Medigap, as well as other congressional leaders.

Proposed Medigap Changes |

We still believe that Medicare Supplement Insurance will be the best form of protection from high healthcare costs, even if the worst of these proposals go into effect (although unlikely will). To compare online Medicare Supplement Rates you can view the get quotes page on our website, or call us at (855) 419-3826.

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