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Which Medicare Supplement Plan Is Best?

Many senior citizens often wonder which Medicare Supplement Plan is best, and the answer is not so easy. From our overall experience, we feel that Medicare Supplement Plan G is a great option, however for some individuals, Plan F or Plan N might be considered the "best". It really all comes down to personal needs and opinions.

There are really four questions you should ask yourself when trying to determine what plan is the best for you:

  1. Do I want to be able to choose my own doctors?
  2. Would I rather pay a higher monthly premium in exchange for limited or no out-of-pocket expenses?
  3. Would I be willing to pay co-pays and deductibles for a plan that cost's less?
  4. Do I want a plan that is "in the middle" and has some of all these features?

By first determining your needs and what you want in a plan, you will be able to start narrowing plans down on your requirements. Medicare Supplement Plan F is regarded to as the most comprehensive plan, and pays 100% of the major gaps left by Medicare. Medigap Plan G is about in the middle, still has a great level of coverage, although you are required to pay a small annual deductible ($140 in 2012). Plan G is often very favorable due to the competitive pricing that it offers. Medicare Supplement Plan N is the third option that requires you to pay higher co-pays and deductibles, although it is generally one of the least expensive plans on the market. Is is equally important that you do not only look for what is "cheap", but you consider the risks in the future and make sure you select a plan that will cover you well in the event of a major financial loss.

There are several pages and charts on our website that you can use to help you compare the different plans side-by-side. You can click the main button at the top of this page that says "Compare Plans", and you will find many helpful resources there to assist you in your research. You can always call us toll-free at the number above and we will help you compare plans & prices between various insurance companies to help you find what is the best Medicare Supplemental plan.

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